Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: 100 Copies make up 1 outreach.

Answer: A printed copy of Rhapsody is $2.

Answer: You can start by paying for any numbers 5, 10, 50 etc. but it will be counted as 1 outreach only after you have paid for 100 copies.

Answer: Kindly go ahead to pay for the copies and send an email to TNICC on how many you will like to distribute, TNICC will make arrangement to distribute the rest of the copies.

Answer: Using old copies of Rhapsody for evangelism is good, however, such won’t be counted as part of the 1 Million Outreaches except if the copies where paid for to TNICC during the seasons of 1 Million Outreaches

Answer: Rhapsody of Realities is not free, someone paid for them to get it free, and they need to be involved in sponsoring so others can get it free especially places with no access to internet. Educate them to be involved in partnership which is beyond just paying for the copies; getting their monies involved is a proof of their commitment to this vision and also a proof that Rhapsody of Realities has blessed them – Matt 6:21.

Answer: Yes, you are allowed to pay for the copies now and distribute them later.

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